hypercharge hub

The Fastest Phone and Tablet Charger    

What's your TIME worth to you? Charge FASTER with the HUB!

The HyperCharge HUB outperforms the industry standard USB wall chargers. The HUB’s class leading 18W (3.5A) easily outperforms Apple’s 5W (1A) iPhone charger and 12W (2.4A) iPad charger. More power that’s safely delivered to your smartphone, or tablet, drastically cuts down the waiting time in charging your device to full capacity.

The HUB's Constant HyperCharging Technology allows you to charge your smartphone and tablet FASTER at the safest and most optimum levels.

  • Charge up to 1/2 the time with the HUB compared to a computer USB port (When charging an iPhone 6S PLUS)

  • Charge up to 25% faster with the HUB compared to the iPad 10W wall charger (When charging an iPad AIR 2)

Two USB HyperPorts on the HUB allows you the flexiblity to charge either Apple, or Android, devices at their most optimum and safe charging levels. And of course it also HyperCharges the LithiumCard and LithiumCard PRO ultra fast! The HUB is THE true all-around portable wall charger of the future that’s available now!

With two USB HyperPorts, you can HyperCharge your phone and accessory faster compared to your existing regular slow charger. Save time and charger faster with the HUB!

A multi-position power prong allows you to position the HUB at the best possible position to avoid someone, or something, accidentally tripping over it. The power prongs also neatly tucks away from snagging on clothing when taking the HUB on-the-go.

The HUB is the ultimate global traveler. It’s compatible with all global voltages. From 100 Volts up to 250 Volts. You can just take it with you anytime, anywhere - from the USA, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa!*

*Note, the HUB uses a NEMA 1-15P (two prong) plug. The HUB’s plug works in USA, Canada, Mexico, some parts of Central America, east of South America, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan without an adapter. For other country power prong compatibility, you can use any international adapter. Easy.

Unsure that your current USB chargers are not fast enough? Worry not! For a relatively small price to you, the HUB’s 3.5Amps of advanced HyperCharging power sets you at the latest technology. Be rest assured that you will have the best solution for charging most of your mobile devices for many generations!