Go ahead. Turn the brightness up on that bad boy.


Design. Thinnest HyperCharger.

Presenting the first and only lithium HyperCharger. It has all the cables you need, generates the power of a wall charger, and at only 5 credit cards thick it will fit in most wallets. 


Fits in most wallets


HyperCharged. It's all about speed.

The exclusive HyperFET drive technology delivers up to 2 Amps of fast and safe energy back into your smartphone or electronic device. Many power hungry smartphones in the market today will have trouble turning back on if not supplied over 1 Amp of current.  

Real-time monitoring maximizes the amount of charging, saving you time between charges. The HyperFET circuitry will charge your smartphone's internal battery up to an astonishing 1% per minute. 

Charge everything. Anything. Anywhere.

LithiumCard charges most popular smartphones and electronic devices today, such as Beats Studio Wireless headphone or Jawbone Jambox Mini. It has an Apple Lightning connector for your iPhone 5/5S, or a micro-USB connector for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Versatile for most devices

Simultaneous charging. 

If both your phone and the LithiumCard is out of charge, we have a uniquebypass charging system, which allows you to simultaneously charge a smartphone and the LithiumCard’s internal battery. 


LithiumCard is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Step 1:  Recharge it

When running low, flip-out the USB plug and charge it with any USB equipped charger, laptop, or cigarette lighter adapter.


Step 2:  Plug it

Pop out the micro-USB or Apple Lightning connector and connect it to your device.


Step 3:  Power it

Start the charging process by pushing the power button. The light will indicate it's charging.

Reliable and dependable

Stick it. Don’t just let it hang.

Without using adhesives, NanoStik technology keeps the LithiumCard virtually stuck to your device. Over time, the NanoStik can get dirty, simply rinse with water to keep it at maximum "stickyness". 


Power up. Color says it all.

Pressing the power button also indicates LithiumCard's power level. The precision nano-refraction lens display will say it all. 

White: Over 90% charged
Blue: 10-90% charged
Red: Less than 10% charged.