lithiumcard PRO /
tech specs

Charge Ahead.

HyperFET Gen2 circuitry is capable of charging your smartphone over 1% per minute compared to the original LithiumCard. For example, if the LithiumCard PRO is left to charge your smartphone for 15 minutes, expect up to 15% of more in additional battery capacity.

Advanced HyperCharging battery management algorithm extends the battery capacity beyond its 3000mAh rating. Meaning, you get more capacity than typical 3000mAh battery chargers.

Built in.

The LithiumCard PRO has all the cables you'll ever need. Use the full size USB to charge the internal battery. Pull-out the microUSB, or Apple Lightning (sold separately), to charge your Apple iOS, or Android devices. As with the original LithiumCard, the cables for the PRO can be hidden away when not in use.

Stay Connected.

LithiumCard PRO is available in either Apple Lightning, or microUSB, connectors. The microUSB connector works with many Android smartphones available today. The Apple Lightning connector works with all Apple iOS devices requiring a Lightning connector to charge.

*Apple Lightning and microUSB versions are sold separately


Specifically developed to be compatible with the new Apple Watch!

The PRO's exclusive HyperPort feature enables you to charge another USB equipped device. Just plug your own USB charging cable (not included) into the PRO's additional USB port to share HyperCharging with your friends.

In Sync.

Backing up your smartphone's data to your computer has never been easier. There's no need to carry another separate cable for syncing data to your computer ever again. The PRO does it all.

Simultaneous Charging.

If both your phone and the LithiumCard are out of charge, we have a unique bypass charging system, which allows you to simultaneously charge a smartphone and the LithiumCard's internal battery.

Charge Everything.

LithiumCard charges most popular smartphones and electronic devices available today, such as Beats Wireless headphones or Jawbone Jambox. It has an Apple Lightning connector for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLUS, or a microUSB connector, for your Android phone.


Without using adhesives, NanoStik, utlizing nanosuction technology keeps the LithiumCard virtually stuck to your device. Over time, the NanoStik may get dirty, simply rinse with warm water to keep it at its maximum "stickyness".

Power Level.

Pressing the power button also indicates LithiumCard's power level. The precision nano-refractive lens display will say it all.

White: Over 90% charged
Blue: Over 10% charged
Red: Less than 10% charged.

LinearFlux Power Bypass™

Duo-mode feature charges your device and LithiumCard™ all at once, saving you time.

LinearFlux HyperFET™ Drive Technology

Delivers up to 15 Watts of power. Charges faster than a wall charger!

LinearFlux Shield™ Technology

Dual stage protection circuitry safeguards your connected devices.