HyperCharger XX - Ultimate Magnetic Wireless Portable Power

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Ultra-Thin HyperCharger: The best in class portable charger with 20 Watts of PD charging power and 11,000mAh of capacity. It's about the same size as a iPhone X so it's ultra-thin as well as being lightweight! 

0-to-50% in 25 Minutes: The time it takes you to finish a cup of coffee or take a shower, the HyperDigital can charge your Apple iPhone 8 and up (Samsung Galaxy S8 and up) from zero charge up to 50%. That's up to 2% per minute...blazing FAST! NOTE: the digital display will show HYPER when the ultra fast PD charging protocol is compatible with your phone.

Simultaneous Charging: Use the provided micro-USB for recharging HyperDigital. HyperDigital does not stop even when its internal battery reserves are drained. Simultaneous bypass charging circuitry allows charging of another device and HyperDigital at the same time.

High Contrast Hyper Digital Display: No more guessing how much capacity is left inside the HyperDigital. The digital display shows you how much juice is



  • Ultra-Black metal finish 
  • 20W PD USB-C HyperCharging Technology
  • 20W QC3 or 15Watt, 3.0Amp, USB HyperCharging Port
  • microUSB Recharging Port
  • High contrast digital display
  • Hardware and Firmware Protection Circuitry 
  • microUSB Recharging Cable
  • Instruction manual
CES 2019 Innovation Winner

Best of Innovation Awards at this year's 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. 


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