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Q. My headphones are having Bluetooth connectivity issues. How do I fix it?

A. Feel free to head to our youtube channel for more instructional videos. Here are some quick links to our reset procedures:

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Q. How do I know when my LithiumCard is finished charging itself?

A. You can charge the LithiumCard with any powered USB port. The LithiumCard high brightness LED indicator will stop flashing once it’s fully charged and ready to use.

Q. How fast can the LithiumCard charge itself?
A. As fast as a LithiumCard can charge your devices with its HyperFET charging system, it can also charge itself very fast too! However, it depends on the type of USB charger you use to charge the LithiumCard. For example, if you use your normal 500mA of power from your laptop USB port then it will take about 90-120mins to fully charge the LithiumCard. However, if you use an iPad charger, Galaxy S5 charger, or similar high powered (greater than 1500mA) USB charger, then expect to fully charge the LithiumCard within 60 minutes, or less.

Q. How do I know how much power is left in the LithiumCard?
A. Press the “power button” on the LithiumCard. If the LED is white, then it has over 90% charge left. If blue, then it has somewhere between 10-90% capacity. If red, then it’s less than 10% charge remaining.

Q. I’ve plugged in the microUSB (or Lightning connector) into my phone. How do I get it to start charging?
A. Press the power button to initiate the LithiumCard’s charging process

Q. How much additional capacity can the Original LithiumCard charge my iPhone?
A. LithiumCard is rated at 1200mAh but it's claim to fame is not about capacity. The LithiumCard is about HyperCharging speed, ultra compact all inclusive cable design, simultaneous charging capabilities, and all wrapped in an elegant form factor; plus much more! To approximate the additional amount charge to your iPhone you would use the following equation 1200/1500 x 70%. Or simply 840/iPhones battery capacity X 100%.

You will arrive at around 50-55% additional capacity. The reason you do not get all of the LithiumCard 1200mAh is due to efficiency. The LithiumCard HyperFET charging is about 70% efficient. That's the trade-off for its speed. It's like a high performance racing engine. It's not made for economy but speed. In addition, realistic charging performance on your iPhone will also be dependent on the state of your phones battery. If your phone is routinely discharged to less than 40% it's performance suffers over time and may not accept charges as easily as when it is new. Also, when you are charging the phone with the LithiumCard you will most likely be using it at the same time, so screen brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other background apps take up power. The expected 50-55% additional capacity to your iPhone is if the phone isn't being used and with little or no background app refresh happening. If there is other background power drain then less than 50% is to be expected.

Q. What other iOS devices can I charge with my Original LithiumCard with Lightning connector?
A. Due to the capacity of the LithiumCard it is recommend to charge iPhone’s, iPod’s, and iPad Mini. Charging a larger iPad is not recommended since it will only raise the capacity by a small margin.

Q. How much additional capacity can the Original LithiumCard charge my phone in general?
A. To approximate the additional amount charge to your phone you would use the following equation 1200/your phone’s battery capacity x 70%. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S5 would achieve about 1200/2800 x 70% = 30%

Q. How fast is the Original LithiumCard’s input charging?
A. The LithiumCard can accept an input charge of up to 2000mA, or 2 Amps.

Q. How fast is the Original LithiumCard’s output charging?
A. The LithiumCard can provide an output charge of up to 2000mA, or 2 Amps

Q. The LithiumCard is warm to the touch when charging my larger phone.
A. The HyperCharging circuitry is a workhorse of power generation. It tries to safely transfer as much of its energy into your phone’s battery as fast possible to reduce waiting times. The byproduct of its speed is heat which is entirely normal.

Q. My NanoStik pad is not as sticky anymore. What can I do?
A. Easy. Just rinse the NanoStik pad over warm water and air dry. It will be back to its sticky self! For tough stains, use a mild soap and warm water to fully restore the NanoStik.

Q. How long does a charge last?
A. The LithiumCard has a very low parasitic loss. A fully charged LithiumCard can last for many months before losing any significant amount of power.

Q. How many charge cycles can the LithiumCard provide?
A. The LithiumCard can provide up to 2000+ charge cycles before losing a small percentage of its charge capacity.

Q. Can the LithiumCard really charge up to 1% per minute?
A. Yes, it can! For example, the LithiumCard charging an iPhone starting from 35%, will provide an additional 50% of charging capacity in less than, or equal to, 50 minutes. However, as your phone starts to reach past 95% battery capacity it will start to accept less power from the LithiumCard regardless how much the LithiumCard can provide. This is by design to prevent your internal phone’s battery from over-charging itself.

Q. Is the LithiumCard waterproof?
A. No, unfortunately the LithiumCard is not waterproof.

Q. Is there a LithiumCard with more capacity?
A. Currently, we offer the LithiumCard at 1200mAh and the LithiumCard PRO at 3000mAh.