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Feel the electricity, the love, and the magic your favorite music artist has spent countless hours in the studio perfecting. From the detail, the dynamics and that beat bumpin’ bass. HyperSonic features an exclusive, LinearFlux DL01 sonic driver, matched & tuned to popular HD streaming services by Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. 

HyperSonic true wireless2 squared technology means you don’t need wires EVER. No tangled wires. No recharging cables. Engineered to take on the urban jungle. Wear’em. Sweat in 'em. 24-7. They have what it takes. They flow wherever you go with pillow-soft ear-tips and the form-hugging ear-hooks eliminate ear fatigue. All day, Err' day.

Music is one’s Identity. World. Life.

HyperSonic feeds music to your soul.